The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day


Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

nokia-5130-xpressmusic-for-t-mobile_bulletinNokia 5130 XpressMusic Arrives on T-Mobile (Nokia) — It’s your basic Symbian S40 candy bar with a focus on music playback. External music control keys, a 3.5mm headset jack, stereo Bluetooth and an FM Radio all contribute to the tunes. Your contribution is only $29.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate, which is amazing. I’ve paid more for a CD box set of music. At this price, don’t expect to store gobs of audio internally. For that, you’ll need to fill a microSD memory card and pop it in the slot. Just like a quarter in a jukebox, come to think of it.

Comcast aims to put TV on your phone (Yahoo!) — Now that Comcast plans to resell Clearwire’s WiMAX service, it only makes sense that they find ways to use the new pipe. While it would be nice to see television service included with a Comcast WiMAX plan, history says that you’ll likely be paying extra to watch the big screen on your small screen.

BlackBerry support coming to Celio REDFLY by mid-fourth quarter (Celio) – BlackBerry owners will have to wait a wee bit longer, but in about two months (or less) should be able to use the larger display and keyboard with a REDFLY. Expect compatibility with the BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Tour 9630, with plans to support additional phones as they are released by Research in Motion.

moto_dext_open_JPG_autothumb_w-574_scale.JPGOrange UK gets Motorola DEXT in early October (Orange) — Yes, this is the overseas version of the Motorola Cliq and yes, one can assume that we’ll see it on T-Mobile here in the U.S. around the same time period. Early October is, after all, “before the holidays,” no? Orange is offering the DEXT free to customers with a £34.26 per month, 24 month contract. You’ll get 900 any network minutes, a gazillion texts (not really, but they are unlimited), Orange Maps and web browsing to your heart’s content.

Cricket Adds New Unlimited Voice, Broadband Plans (Leap Wireless) — You’ll want to check the coverage maps before you buy, but there are two new Cricket PAYGo unlimited voice plans available. $40 a month gets you all the calls, texts and picture messages you can handle, while an extra $5 monthly adds unlimited mobile web access. Cricket Broadband is on the way for $50 a month — that’s unlimited EVDO with no contract. The Cricket A600 modem will set you back $70 and then you pay and surf as needed.


Matt Crandall

Not to quibble to terribly much here, but I see you repeating a too often said mistake: series 40 devices are not Symbian. They aren’t based on Symbian code at all, unlike their S60 counterparts.

Matt C

Kevin C. Tofel

Quibble away — especially when you’re right! ;) I’ll strike Symbian from the post as S40 isn’t based on it, nor can it multitask like S60. Thanks!

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