TAB Welcomes: Alfredo Padilla



Where to begin? I didn’t always aspire to write about technology, but my complete lack of interest in a real social life got me noticed on a discussion forum about three years ago and led to a job offer. I’ve been slaving over a keyboard ever since.

I became a Mac user just before that, purchasing the first generation Intel Macbook. I’ve never looked back, and just recently upgraded to the new 13-inch Macbook Pro (which I love). I also picked up an iPhone when it was first released and have upgraded every year, although I have to admit that I’m not happy with Apple’s app store policies and have strongly considered switching to an Android or S60 device.

My favorite Mac programs include 1Password, Fluid and iBank. On the iPhone side I’m partial to Kindle, Fieldrunners and Byline (iTunes links). I have an absolute obsession about to-do applications and have tried them all on both the Mac and the iPhone.

Aside from Technology and Apple, I love hiking, reading and spending time with my family (which consists of a beagle, cat and wife). I also love baseball, Go Mariners! I just moved to South America and am improving my Spanish skills and exploring my new home.

I’m very excited to be writing for TheAppleBlog. When it was time to look for a new gig I started by asking those sites that I loved reading the most, and imagine my surprise when my number one choice was willing to take on silly old me? I’ve always been impressed by the high quality of writing on this site and I hope I can continue that tradition.

If you want to learn more about me (lord help you) find me on Twitter @AlfredoJPadilla.



Hummmm …. You’re kinda cute…. Meowwwww !

Welcome to Mac euphoria !

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