Palm Pre Gains a Netflix Application

nfmanager_2009-16-09_152854I was late to join the Netflix party, but once the company offered instant streaming support for my Xbox 360, I jumped on a subscription. My $8.99 a month gets me one DVD at a time and unlimited streaming. But with four movie-watchers under one roof, managing the Netflix queue becomes a chore. (Personally, I’d like to see all the kids’ movies moved to a separate service called KidFlix, but that’s just me.) We’re constantly running to a computer to check the queue, add new items, and move titles up to the top of the list. Since I’m carrying my Palm Pre with me everywhere these days, I was thrilled to find MyQ for Netflix in the homebrew application catalog today.

With MyQ, I can generally do everything I need to with my Netflix queue for both the DVDs and the instant streaming. I had to allow access for the application to view my Netflix account, but that was a quick and painless process. Once I did that, I was all set for easy queue management, title searches, and even movie ratings. There are short descriptions of each title, making it easy to see if it’s something we want to watch. One minor quirk — I see that some of the titles in my queue are listed in the Blu-ray format. We don’t have a Blu-ray player, and all of the titles we chose are DVD, so there’s a small disconnect there.

As an interesting aside: MyQ for Netflix comes from Nexapps, the folks who make the wildly popular Gmail notifier for Firefox. That HTML, CSS and Javascript stuff seems to be pretty useful after all, no?


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