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Opera Mini 5 Beta Out– Cranks Up the Mobile Browser Wars

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Opera is on a tear recently with the release of Opera 10 and now Opera Mini 5 Beta. Opera Mini 5 is Java-based, so it can run on any phone that supports Java, and it is a solid evolution of the mobile browser. Opera Mini renders web pages on the server side for speed, and has been a good mobile browser since the previous version 4.2.

Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 cranks things up a notch, with tabbed browsing, speed dial and a password manager.  Opera’s goal with the new mobile version was to bring things more on par with the desktop version, and it looks like it has come a long way toward that goal.

To download Opera Mini 5 just visit using your mobile browser. You can also download it on your computer.

3 Responses to “Opera Mini 5 Beta Out– Cranks Up the Mobile Browser Wars”

  1. Looks like the app requires atleast 14 MB of free RAM to run. It wouldn’t even start on my S60v3.0 device, and I noticed that when I tried starting, my available memory slowly went to below 1 MB, then jumped back up to previous levels.

    Had to close my task manager app and every other little extra process I had running, to start this up. I hope they’ll improve memory consumption in the final version.

  2. Interesting-the tabbed browsing addition is definitely a welcome feature.

    However, I’ve noticed a MASSIVE speed penalty compared to Opera Mini 4, but that could just be because it’s only a beta.

  3. Wow. Huge step forward. I’m running it on my Blackberry 8330 and it’s working pretty well. About my only complaint so far is that moving the trackball around doesn’t snap to links as well as it did in OM4.