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MySpace's Biz Dev Lead Leaves; Joins Mobile Gaming Company Ngmoco

Jason Oberfest, the SVP of business development at MySpace, has left the social network, and is joining ngmoco, the developer and publisher for iPhone games, as its VP of social applications, to lead its “expansion into the social web,” as the company puts it. He will be helping the company develop and discover social games that can be adapted to iPhone and mobile devices. Update: MySpace PR says no announcements yet on who’ll replace Oberfest, if any.

Oberfest joined MySpace as VP of biz dev in July last year, as part of the previous regime at MySpace. Since then, he was promoted to SVP, and was also the GM of the MySpace Open Platform, leading all operations and products for the division. Prior to that, he was MD of Business Development and Product Management for Earlier this year, former Sega of America President and COO Simon Jeffery joined ngmoco to run its publishing division.