CNN Wire Launches A La Carte Store For Text Reports

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If only creating a wire service was as easy as pundits blabbering about creating an alternative to AP. CNN’s nascent wire service, launched for newspapers and online, is already tinkering with its business model a few months after its launch: it has launched a text-only online store, at, to start offering a la carte stories at $199 a piece for a single use, with self-serve payment via credit card. The new store is aimed at newspapers, sites and blogs. Reuters and AP also offer single story reprint, through iCopyright, though that’s priced at around $500 per story for a finite time period.

CNN Newsource Sales, which oversees the network

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Mike ODonnell

CORRECTION: The price of a story through iCopyright is not $500. In fact, most stories, including those of AP, are free-of-charge via the the "Post" link, as long as the posting site carries the publisher's ads with it. The price without ads varies by publisher, but is much less than $500 in most cases.

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