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The Nano & Flip: Join the Conversation

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Its fun to watch new products get launched, particularly when they have the possibility to shake markets. I think Apple’s new Nano has that potential. Going back to 2005 when I was responsible for digital imaging research, I thought the market needed a Flickr for video. Low and behold, we soon saw YouTube change how everyone thought about online video.

But even then, I didn’t think there was a video capture device that made things as easy as digital cameras make taking and looking at photos. That opinion changed when I started using a Flip, which really has re-shaped the market for video capture. The built-in software, USB arm and low price all made for the perfect starter camera while showing digital video can be as easy as digital photos.

But now comes the Nano. Where the Flip showed people how easy video can be, the Nano shows people video can be with you all the time while being integrated into your digital lifestyle (with iTunes).

As I wrote in my Weekly Update, How Appleā€™s New Nano Makes Pocket Video Mass Market, “where Flip was the kindling, the new Nano is the gasoline.”

Some argue that the Flip had already planted pocket video in the mass market. I would say it was headed that way, but the Nano pushed it into the middle of the adoption curve in one foul swoop. Either way, I say join the conversation about the Nano and all the other great topics we’re discussing at GigaOM Pro.