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Startups Attempt to Lasso the Real-time Web

The real-time web helps us keep abreast of breaking news, but as we’ve written before, companies have struggled with how to present real-time news with older information in a balanced way. Three startups that presented this afternoon at TechCrunch 50 touched on solving that problem.

thooraIt’s hard to keep track of the flood of news on the web, but Thoora, a web-based news service platform, aims to solve that problem by clustering links to blog posts and news articles about top stories based on the quality of the article and whether it’s attracting interest on the web. Thoora also provides stats as to how many tweets a news topic on the web (e.g. Kanye West’s outburst at MTV’s Video Music Awards) receives and has a widget affixed on the site that shows examples of related tweets. But the judges warned that Thoora is entering a crowded space of competitors, one of which is Google (s goog) News, and should focus on highlighting how the features on its site are richer than its peers.

insttantThe next startup to present, Insttant, tries to translate tweets into data that’s useful for companies and advertisers. Insttant looks at which news links in tweets are rising in popularity and provides visuals that show what the hottest topics on Twitter are. The most potent features on Instantt, which is spearheaded and founded by 19-year-old Joe Langevin, are the ability to see what the most popular topics are tweeted about regionally, by city, as well as to get a snapshot profile of a certain Twitter user or company. The profile includes recent updates, interests and links shared by the person or company. Dick Costolo, one of the judges and the new COO of Twitter, said the data the startup provides would be useful for advertisers and marketers tracking ad campaigns.

perpetuallyPerpetually, meanwhile, has developed an eponymous web site that provides a private, searchable archive of web pages for companies. The startup currently works with the Wall Street Journal to archive how certain sections of that newspaper’s web site looks each day. Perpetually will even send users alerts when a web page is modified.

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