Remember The Milk for Android Is Now a Completed Task


ss_todayWant to be more productive with your Android (s goog) handset? Remember The Milk is helping you do just that today — the online task service has introduced an RTM client for Google Android phones. Like the RTM iPhone app that I use, the software is free for Android users, but it does require a $25 yearly RTM Pro account. Unlike the comparable iPhone app, however, this version synchronizes tasks in the background. That’s very useful because on my iPhone, I have to open the application to synchronize it. In fact, I looked at it today on my Apple (s aapl) handset and saw seven tasks due. I knew that wasn’t the case, but I hadn’t run the software in a few days, so it was out of sync.

The new Remember The Milk app also leverages the Android notification system, so task warnings will appear as needed. And it includes the option to pull in location data, so if you’re nearby a place where a task can be completed, you’ll get notified. I can see plenty of “get bread and milk on the way home” tasks getting entered in this version. You don’t need to run the app to see your tasks, either — simply use the included home screen widget for a high-level list of tasks.

If I had an Android handset for everyday use, I’d jump on this software, as I’m already an RTM Pro user. Unfortunately, I’m tied to my iPhone and Palm Pre (s palm), so I’m postponing this particular task. I’d like to see an app for the webOS platform, but until then I’ll use my little web trick on the Pre — instead of hitting the standard mobile RTM site, I point my Pre’s browser at the RTM site designed for the iPhone, which is The formatting is great on the Pre and serves as a decent substitute for now. You won’t get any task notifications with this method, but for task entry, review and completion it works just fine.


Kevin C. Tofel

I can’t see any technical reason we wouldn’t see this app on WinMo. However, it looks to me like developer momentum is following the iPhone and Android platforms these days. Not to say that WinMo developers aren’t still thriving, but there appears to be more new work going on in iPhone and Android.

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