Nano Ad Screen Goofs?


With the new iPod nano featuring a built in video camera, Apple’s latest commercial really highlights how easy it is to use. Entitled “Nano Shoots Video,” the spot makes it look super easy and trendy to shoot video, but does the commercial really tell the truth?

Looking at the structure of the iPod nano, the camera is actually found in the lower left corner of the backside. For some, this would be be a bit awkward when holding it, to ensure not covering up the camera.

iPod nano & camera location

Generally speaking, Apple’s commercial takes this into account, with careful positioning of holding the iPod. But in reality, is the location of the camera the best possible place? For those of you who have already purchased one, what are your thoughts?

A Few Goofs?

We know Apple’s award winning ad campaigns are creative, inspirational and very memorable. (How many of you have bought songs on iTunes because they were featured in an iPod commercial? Consequently, this song in the latest ad is called Bourgeois Shangri-La, by Miss Li.)

Sometimes though, a close look at the commercials can reveal a bit about how they are made, and show a few goofs. For example, look close at the screen grabs from this commercial below. You’ll see things like video that isn’t quite centered on the screen correctly (indicating it was added after the fact, something Apple actually admits in fine print at the end of the spot). At first, I just thought this was a result of motion blur, but going frame by frame, it’s fairly inconsistent throughout the entire piece.

Nano Ad Purple

The very last scene of the commercial showcases all of the nanos in a row. Here is another example of where the video shifts inside the blue nano as it is added to the group. Look at the vertical alignment of the video. As the nano comes into the frame, it’s more aligned towards the bottom of the iPod and when it sits into place, it becomes centered (most obvious when you compare frames 1 and 2 to frames 3 and 4).


Another interesting catch is around 19 seconds in when the guy who is moonwalking is being filmed by an iPod nano that is being held up by just a thumb. Have you noticed anything like this in Apple’s ads before? If you’ve bought the new nano, is this commercial a realistic representation of the video quality, color accuracy and the like? I’d love to hear what you think.


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