Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 Includes Retractable Mousepad


N315_angle_mouse pad outTooling around the house with a notebook these days still leaves something to be desired. It’s fine during the winter months, when I don’t mind the extra heat, but it can be a drag during a hot summer day. Logitech’s new Portable Lapdesk N315 might be of help. The $29.99 rectangular slab provides a flat work surface while protecting your privates from the tropical temps of a hot device. As if that weren’t enough, the Logitech N315 (s logi) has a slide-out mouse pad if you’re opposed to trackpads.

These days I only use my lapdesk solution with a netbook and that’s more due to the size of the device. I’m finding that standard notebooks sit pretty well on my lap, but the smaller base of a netbook doesn’t. What’s the consensus out there: play it safe and smart with a lapdesk or go crazy with a computer right on your lap?



I guess “Bräda” is deliberately designed for the living room or the bed. So it’s not something one carries around, it’s supposed to lie on the sofa anyway. ;-)

Since I don’t use one of these lapdesks – do they really need to be so portable? I wouldn’t need such a thing on a train, in a café, or in a library.


Ikea offers a similar product. It’s called “Bräda” (at least in Germany – and no, it’s not a German word) and costs €14.90: http://www.ikea.com/de/de/catalog/products/10086654

In contrast to the Logitech Lapdesk, “Bräda” comes with a cushion and is somewhat more ergonomically designed. But it doesn’t have a mousepad.

Until now I haven’t used any of these lapdesks yet. However, my ThinkPad T43 can get pretty hot on the base cover so I might think about getting “Bräda”.


funny you mention the “bräda” lennart, i´ve got one but don´t use it really often, simply because it is quite big and bulky so i don´t wanna carry it around all the time.

logitech´s version seems to be more portable an easier to carry around, so that might be a better solution for me.

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