HP CalcPads– Calculator, Number Pad, USB Hub, Pizza Pan

HP CalcPad 100Calculators have all but gone the way of the Dodo for most folks, but the busy folks at HP are not content to let that happen. They have produced not one but two calculators that fill all of the expected functions of a hand calculator, but they also plug into a PC via USB. Once plugged in, the CalcPad 100 and 200 then become dedicated number pads, which makes them a useful tool for notebook users. That’s not enough for HP, however, so they also have put extra USB ports on the CalcPads to turn them into USB hubs.

That’s pretty inventive, producing a simple gadget that does multiple tasks for the mobile professional. The CalcPad 100 is only $19.99 and in addition to the functions mentioned also can “Launch Microsoft Word®, Excel®, HP CalcPad calculator software, or clear your PC desktop, with a single button.” The CalcPad 200 is $29 but adds a more powerful calculator and the ability to view the calculator display on the PC. In spite of the headline neither CalcPad actually functions as a pizza pan. We’re just funnin’ ya.


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