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White House Details New Auto Standards: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Obama administrations new proposed fuel efficiency and emission standards will translate to an average “real-life fuel economy” of about 32.7 miles per gallon for U.S. cars and trucks in 2016.  — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Toyota: Battery Costs May Limit EVs to Sliver of Market: Toyota exec Takeshi Uchiyamada told a crowd at the Frankfurt Motor Show that, “Unless there is a very big breakthrough in battery costs I don’t think electric vehicles can take a large market share.” — Jalopnik

Salt & Paper Battery: Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have made a flexible and lightweight rechargeable battery using cellulose and salt that could replace lithium batteries in low-power portable devices. — MIT Technology Review

Innovalight Scores JA Solar Deal: Shanghai, China-based JA Solar Holdings said today it’s working to commercialize solar products with startup Innovalight’s silicon ink technology by 2010. — Cleantech

Another Partnership for EnergyHub: Advanced metering company Itron (s ITRI) announced plans today to integrate startup EnergyHub’s in-home energy management dashboard into its ERT (Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter) module, and also license some of its tech to EnergyHub. — Press Release

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