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Rubicon Project Buys Behavioral Targeter Others Online

Online ad inventory manager The Rubicon Project has acquired behavioral targeting data provider Others Online. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Los Angeles-based Rubicon plans to tightly integrate Seattle-based Others Online as it continues to build out its platform. Frank Addante, Rubicon’s CEO and founder, told paidContent that the company was looking for several acquisition opportunities over the past few months. Buying two-year-old Others Online will help Rubicon satisfy advertisers’ need to better manage all the fragmented points of audience data they have to sift through. “We saw two trends in the space, Addante said. “Advertisers are looking to buy by audience, often using search keywords as a proxy. There are more and more data providers entering the market. There’s no data provider that knows everything about every users. It’s fragmented. One will know your geography, one will know what sites you go to. Online Others can help us assist advertisers in connecting all the various data.”

Others Online, which has raised a small amount of angel funding since launching in the summer of 2006, uses tag clouds to show what advertisers’ audience is interested in. Jordan Mitchell, the company’s CEO and founder, who will become Rubicon’s vice president of Data Intelligence. The acquisition comes a few months after Rubicon added $13 million to a previous funding round. In total, Rubicon has raised $33 million in funding. While Addante wouldn’t say how much revenue Others Online brought in, he said that while it did have customers, that wasn’t the reason for buying the company. “We see this as an enhancement to our existing offerings,” he said.