Facebook Says It's Cash-Flow Positive — Ahead Of Schedule

Looking to fend off rampant speculation that it needed to raise additional cash, Facebook said in March that it expected to be cash-flow positive by 2010. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now says the company has actually been cash-flow positive for the last quarter. No word on how much cash Facebook is throwing off, but it’s still a significant milestone considering that Facebook had been widely criticized for emphasizing (costly) user growth over revenue.

As for user growth, it only seems to be accelerating. The social network says it now has 300 million active users, double the number it heralded at the start of the year and 50 million more than it had just two months ago.

One missing stat is how much revenue is increasing. Facebook also said in March that it expected sales to jump 70 percent this year, but Zuckerberg does not provide an update to that forecast. The social network has steadily been adding new ways for advertisers to target its members, including adding more sophisticated targeting tools and also testing out direct response ads.