Closed Local Newspaper To Be Born Again


By Roy Greenslade: Despite the advance of the digital age, there is an enduring love for newsprint. So it comes as little surprise to hear that a newspaper closed down barely two months ago is to be resurrected.

The Burton Trader, a free weekly that ceased publication in July during a round of closures by Trinity Mirror (LSE: TNI), is to be reborn as the Independent Trader. Several of the Burton title’s former staff are to work for the new paper, due to be launched on 1 October.

Its managing editor, and editor, will be Chris Clark, a local businessman who is selling his own company to help fund the new paper. Now that’s a sign of real optimism.

The sales director will be Sadie Norton, an ex-Trinity employee, who explained to holdthefrontpage: “Chris had been one of my regular customers and he approached me with the idea of relaunching the Trader.

“It was a good advertising platform and he knew that if his own business was missing that platform there would be a hole in the market.”

The new Trader, like its predecessor, will be distributed for free in Burton and South Derbyshire.

The old Trader was one of nine free weeklies closed by Trinity. So there must be a chance of seeing a new Lichfield Post, a revamped Tamworth Times and a born-again Walsall Observer.

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