The Real-time Web & Career Opportunities


The digital world is changing rapidly. The explosion of social networking and the emergence of the real-time web are bringing many new challenges for businesses. With those challenges come new opportunities. The shifting landscape means that companies will need people with unique skills — whole new careers are being created. In “Career Opportunities in the NewNet,” my latest post for GigaOM Pro, our subscription research service, I take a look at five careers that could benefit from the growth of the NewNet (data analysts, community managers, social media marketers, sensor engineers and infrastructure experts), explaining why people in those fields should expect to see an increase in demand for their skills.

What career opportunities do you think will be driven by the real-time web?



I truly hope that Usability will take on a greater role moving forward with real-time web. Nothing is worse than a site with great content that you cannot find.

Brandon Setter

I expect to see real-time web videographers, more and more realtime bloggers at events, and of course companies actually hiring people to run their twitter, facebook, myspace, etc…

Meryl Evans

Good ones, Brandon. Problem with many real-time blogs is they don’t always have facts straight because it’s more about speed than quality.

Ralf Lippold

Boundary-spanners will be the winners of the fast moving businesses in the web, being the internal connectors as well as the glue to the customers.

Is there already a job description around?

I haven’t seen one as long as I play the role of boundary-spanner;-)

If your job is not on the pay-role create your own.

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