The New Jobs of the New Web


Last month we added a new vertical, The New Net, to our GigaOM Pro subscription service. The vertical is tracking the new developments in the ever-evolving web. Today, we published a report that outlines some of the new job opportunities created by the New Net. Think of them as the jobs of tomorrow. They include:

* Number crunchers or data analysts.
* Sensor engineers.
* Infrastructure gurus.
* Community managers.
* Social media marketers.

What are the other jobs of tomorrow? I would love to hear from you.

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Michael Wolf

Even fairly staid, non-tech companies are hiring for the NewNet. The Washington State Dept of Transportation just hired their first Social Media manager – if the local govt is doing it, I would expect corporations to also be doing the same thing.

The big thing for me is getting people who are both social media savvy and business savvy. I think the big issue is there is a wide gap in understanding between those who understand how their business works (and how business works) and those who can navigate social media well. Just because someone tweets and is involved heavily in social media mean they can effectively help push a business forward using those tools. Those that can are the ones that will make a success of themselves in the NewNet.



With the growing data distribution vertically inside the companies as well horizontally across the clouds, definitely there is a need for data integration specialist. The role is defined by integration of the data spread across.


Corey Recvlohe

Very good to hear, I will be checking in on this NewNet service often, for sure.

I can’t agree enough, the landscape is changing in many ways. Just the barrier to entry for simple software development and deployment is so low now that you have these groups such as Y Combinator that are able to seed startups for almost no cost: a huge game changer.

Along with the low dev costs, you have a paradigm shift happening in scalable computing, with commodity-hardware being dynamically used across Ethernet to offer gigabits of I/O (Google et al) for storage, and soon-to-be databases.

Mesh those infrastructure and labor efficiencies with open-source, social communication, and real-time geo-tagged data, and you have making a dynamic environment that will fuel innovation. Good times are ahead.


When I see ‘Social media marketer’ on a CV I immediately pass… You’re either a marketing person that gets social media or you’re not good. No need for a new BS job title, there are enough already


Mobile Entrepeneur. we are all becoming entrepreneurs managing multiple professional activities and hobbies from multiple locations and at our own time.


how about:
Web psychologist for social networks
Content specialists, specifically short content for twitter
cloud security experts

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