As Netbooks Grow in Size, So Do Targus Netbook Cases


targus-sport-netbook-caseAs netbooks and small notebooks move beyond the 10″ range, so do the accessories. Targus is prepped and ready to go for those devices with a slew of new netbook cases. Four of them are made of neoprene and are sized to fit a computer with a 12″ display. The $24.99 Sport Netbook Slipcase includes a shoulder-strap and front accessory pocket. The $19.99 Targus Netbook Slipskin Peel, is TSA-friendly and can act as a protective sleeve within another notebook case. A $24.99  Netbook Slipcase with Mini Pocket offers a zippered compartment for carrying a few extra odds-and-ends. It’s about double the thickness of the regular slipcase, making it easier to carry a portable hard drive or mouse. The last $24.99 choice is the Netbook Slipcase with Accessory Pocket in case you need to tote even larger accessories like a power adapter or spare battery.

I don’t yet see the new products officially listed on the Targus site, so I’m showing off a pic of the 10.2″ Sport Netbook Slipcase for now. I used one of these neoprene cases with a review device once and found it to be a great way to carry a netbook. The only reason I haven’t bought one for myself is because I have plenty of bags already.



If it works… :) (@mike)

I have a belkin case for my 11.6″ EEE. Works well, nice to have one thats not a 100% fit so there’s room for extras


I still remember when I bought my Targus “netbook” case for my Acer 751h. I was excited that they had gotten the case for the size out so fast, and was impressed… until I got it home, opened it, and found the user’s manual for the original purpose of the exact same case – DVD player storage. They hadn’t bothered to change the title on the manual.

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