Google Voice Tip — Switch Phones While on a Call


gdial-pro_2009-27-08_153144Are you using Google Voice (s goog) with more than one phone, like I am? If so, you might find this tip to be very handy. Aside from that, I think it’s totally cool and I can’t wait to actually try it! To switch phones while on a Google Voice call, you simply hit the * button on the handset you’re using. Once you do that, Google Voice will ring the other phones on your account. You just answer that call on one of the other phones and your original conversation will seamlessly switch to that handset. In fact, your caller will be none the wiser that you switched devices.

This only works on incoming Google Voice calls at the moment, so don’t try it with an outgoing conversation. I just pinged someone to call me just so I can see how well it does, or doesn’t, work. I’m hoping it does work well because it would be useful if had Google Voice ringing the wrong phone or if that particular handset’s battery were running low.



I loved this feature when it was Grand Central but it has seemed to not work for me since being moved to Google Voice. I just tested it again, I guess I should see how good the support for it is. :)

i cant help wonder how long until all phones are sip phones, and all call as voip calls…


does it ring all the phones on your account when you hit * or just the phones that you have set to ring? For instance I have, say, 4 phones on my GV account but it’s only set to ring 2 at the moment. If i try and switch will it ring all 4 or just the 2 that I have set to ring with incoming calls?

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