Glass Half Full? 51 Percent Of Newspaper Publishers Believe Charging For Online Content Can Succeed


Credit: Valerie Everett

As newspapers increasingly mull methods of building paywalls, an American Press Institute study (via Reflections of a Newsosaur) suggests there’s not much confidence that doing so will work. In a poll of publishers from 118 U.S. papers, only 51 percent think getting users to pay for content can succeed; the rest say that paywalls will not be viable businesses or aren’t exactly certain. While 68 percent of the publishers appear confident that readers who don’t want to pay for their content will have a tough time finding comparable news coverage, 52 percent also said getting the same news for free would still be


palmer brown

Wow! This "study" really shows what a huge disconnect there is between publishers and the consumers. Publisher have no clue as to what the consumer thinks or wants.

Is it an interesting study though. I wonder what the results would be if they could survey non-'Natural Born Survey Takers'? I'd like to know what consumers other than cat-ladies and socially handicapped introverts think.


The capacity for self-delusion will never cease to amaze me. The world MUST be willing to pay us for bloated costs and overhead because we really really don't want to have to change!

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