Gaming Tech Firm Spawn Labs Launches With $1 Million In Funding

Spawn Labs, the game technology development company that launched at TC50 today, has raised $1 million in funding, per an SEC filing. The Austin-based startup’s product, the Spawn HD Pro box, lets people use any computer to play games from their connected consoles, much like a Slingbox lets people watch their cable or satellite TV service remotely. The box retails for $199.

Formerly called Vircion, Spawn Labs was founded by game industry execs David Wilson and Peter Walker. The startup also offers game developers remote access to their development kits — meaning a team of designers, coders and artists can collaborate on a project without being in the same physical location — and plans to make the Spawn HD Pro box compatible with other set-top boxes and mobile phones. The company did not respond to a request for more information about the funding.