Weekend Vid Picks: I Want My Music Web TV


The MTV video music awards are on tonight, but as the tired joke goes, when was the last time MTV really played a music video? When it comes to the spreading of music in video form, it’s all about the web these days. A couple of unconventional approaches I’ve noticed recently:

The New Mexico band Brokencyde, whose music belongs to the Screamo-crunk genre (don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it, either), made a three-part web series about the recording of their first studio album. Even if Screamo-crunk isn’t exactly to your tastes, it’s still a funny introduction to the band and its members. NSFW for the language and the marijuana.Meanwhile, Paramour covered Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody at BBC Radio’s Live Lounge last weekend, and a video of said cover has been viral all week. It’s a solid rendition, given greater authenticity by the video’s documentary-esque style.

And nothing has gotten a song stuck in my head this week like this special gift from the Black Eyed Peas to Oprah Winfrey (sponsored by T-Mobile). To commemorate her talk show’s 24th season, they performed a modified version of I’ve Gotta Feeling live on the streets of Chicago, and brought along a massive dancing flash mob (which we’ve seen before). It lacks any real authenticity, and some of these lyrics are the worst I’ve ever heard (“Mazel tov”?!?). But you have to admire the amount of organization the event required. And while this was clearly meant for airing on Oprah’s show, it’s clearly meant for viral consumption.

So yeah, I’ll be watching the VMAs as well. But let’s see if anything they pull off can top this.



Music is definitely getting a makeover via the Web–not only with the VMAs but through live streaming of concerts, as well. Over Labor Day weekend, nearly 30 hours of concert footage was streamed of the LifeLight music festival. It’s an entirely new way to reach audiences and connect with fans in real-time. Read more at http://endavomediablog.typepad.com/endavo_media_blog/2009/08/lifelight-music-festival-2009-teams-up-with-endavo-media-to-stream-live-concert-footage-online.html

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