Flip vs. iPod Nano: Flip Wins For Now

newnewipodnano.gifWhen you have sold over 100 million iPod Nanos, then as a company you need a new shtick to keep the momentum going. So Apple (s AAPL) introduced a really skinny iPod Nano model that has a built-in video camera so that you can record videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook, MobileMe or email. Since I don’t own a Flip, I thought maybe this might be a good option. So I tried out the new Nano, but within a few minutes, I realized that this is not for me. Why? The camera is set in a really awkward position, which makes usage very unintuitive. I guess someone wasn’t quite thinking. How does it stack up against the Flip? Chris and Liz did a side-by-side comparison of the new iPod Nano with Flip SD and are underwhelmed by the new Nano. You can check out their video overview and reviews here.

Photo of iPod Nano courtesy of Apple.