Earth2Tech Week in Review


Google’s Solar Mirrors: If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself: If the cleantech industry isn’t delivering enough innovation, we’ll start building it ourselves, Google’s green guru Bill Weihl suggested this week. The search engine has a “handful of dedicated full-time green engineers” working on projects that could light a fire under greentech startups and utilities, and increase the level of innovation coming out of the green pipeline.

PREVIEW: Green Cars in the Works for Frankfurt Motor Show: The international auto show in Frankfurt, Germany, which kicks off next Thursday, will feature high-tech concepts and upcoming models, including a number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Here are 13 models to watch.

What Van Jones’ Departure Will Do to Green Jobs: Hopefully Nothing: Van Jones, one of the most vocal advocates of the need for green jobs, resigned from his position as special adviser for green jobs for the White House Council on Environmental Quality on Monday. His rhetoric and efforts o build an economy around fighting climate change have had an enormously positive effect on the greentech industry.

A123Systems Zeroes In On IPO, Sets Terms Finally: Lithium-ion battery maker A123Systems has set the terms for its IPO, proposing to sell 25 million common shares at $8 to $9.50 per share. That would bring in between $200 million and $237.5 million — not much of an uptick from from the $175 million that A123 initially filed to raise last year, considering how much has changed for the company since then.

Utility Interest in WiMAX for Smart Grid Growing: National Grid, the second largest utility in the U.S., will be testing out smart grid technology based on WiMAX, a nascent wireless technology that provides high bandwidth. The move is the latest of a growing number of large utilities and communications companies investigating how WiMAX can play a role in their smart grid networks.

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