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Android This Week: Motorola Unveils the Cliq

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The big Android news this week, without question, was the launch of the Motorola Cliq, a smartphone that sports a sliding keyboard and is optimized for social network interaction. The Android platform, of course, is designed to make the most out of a continuous web connection, and Motorola has designed the Cliq to be a social media champ. The phone, which will be dubbed the Dext outside of the U.S., will appear on the T-Mobile U. S. network later this year.

Also unveiled was the cloud-based MotoBlur, which can be used to build a totally integrated interface to multiple social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The Motorola Cliq uses MotoBlur to make it easier to handle multiple social network accounts from one screen.

In the meantime, while the term app store tends to conjure up images of the one from Apple, that’s due to change. The Android Market has quietly passed the 10,000-mark in terms of the number of apps available.

3 Responses to “Android This Week: Motorola Unveils the Cliq”

  1. I’m liking the phone…it looks like it would be a marginal upgrade for G1 users: bigger battery, more RAM (though not quite as much as I’d like to see), way more ROM, higher res (and presumably better? camera, 3.5 mm headphone jack, light & proximity sensors, and it of course keeps the keyboard (which is a must for me)…

  2. Waitingfor Thenextshoe

    Motoblur appears to be an enhanced clone of Palm’s Synergy, complete to the web-based servers handling the offloaded functionality.

    Besides spelling trouble (potentially) for Palm, I wonder if Palm patented anything that is going to cause fireworks later on with Motorola.