OS X 10.6.1 Fixes Bugs, Updates Flash Plug-in


software-updateBetter. Faster. Easier. That marketing speak from Apple about Snow Leopard can now add: Updated.

Two weeks after “the world’s most advanced OS” debuted, the world’s most advanced update is out. At a slim 75MB, 10.6.1 offers the usual stability and compatibility improvements, as well as correcting an embarrassing mistake on Apple’s part. The bullet points include:

  • Sierra Wireless 3G modem compatibility
  • Improves printer compatibility
  • DVD playback fix
  • Issue removing Dock items resolved
  • Issue accessing the special characters menu resolved
  • Fixes problems with auto account setup in Mail
  • Issues sending mail with some SMTP servers resolved
  • Motion 4 stability fix
  • Updates Adobe Flash Player plug-in version to

Regarding the Flash plug-in, Snow Leopard included an out-of-date version on the disc, one that could have led to “arbitrary code execution when viewing a maliciously crafted web site.” 10.6.1 includes the most recent version of the plug-in.

Apple also released security updates for plain, old Leopard, as well as Tiger, but Snow Leopard is the new cat in town. Mac OS X 10.6.1 is recommend for regular users as well as compulsive upgraders via Software Update and direct download.



I was really hoping this would bring automatic sizing back to the Stacks grid view. My Dock got a lot busier thanks to the unchangeable HUGE ICON VIEW that makes sorting through Applications such a pain.


Yeah same thing with my mac, and not only Safari crashes but Opera also does.


Yeah my flash has been acting funny too. It doesn’t crash my safari though since I’m running it in 64 bit. Nice to know that is working, but I’d rather it not have to…

Sajid Khan

Safari has crashed fairly reliably every 20 minutes since installing this update (often requiring it to be force quit). The updated flash plugin seems to break very frequently (especially on the BBC iPlayer website).

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