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Mmm… Twitter. Homer Simpson (Officially) Tweets

Homer Simpson is on Twitter — for real! Well, in an account written by the folks on the digital team at Fox, with the handle HomerJSimpson. That’s the word from Hardie Tankersley, VP Online Content & Strategy at Fox Broadcasting Company (s NWS), who we spoke with today as part of our ongoing series of interview with TV execs about their digital plans for the fall season.


The official account, which was created in July, is still waiting for Twitter to declare that it’s been “verified,” but Tankersley says it’s the real deal. Besides, including your middle initial because somebody already took your real name is the kind of thing real-life celebrities do all the time.

So far, the humor isn’t blowing us away, but there are some giggle-worthy sequences, like the one below. The unofficial Homer Simpson Twitter, which was created in Feb. ’07 but started spewing in earnest this year, is actually much more in-character and funny. And it has 22,543 followers, to the real Homer’s 4,193. But really, when you’re show’s been on the air for 20 years, you’ve got to expect that your fans know you better than you know yourself.


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