Industry Moves: Washington Post Events Exec Resigns After Misfire

Washington Post Bundle

Charles Pelton, who was supposed to establish an events business for the Washington Post and wound up being at the center of a fuss over the way a “salon” series was marketed, has resigned. WaPo reports that Pelton told Post President Stephen P. Hills by letter: “Given the current circumstances with regard to the resources needed to launch [an events business] my family and I have decided not to relocate to Washington, D.C.,” from California.

The bad publicity over the “salons” — which were perceived as selling access to WaPo journalists — and the hit the events business took before it even got off the ground is a setback for WaPo Publisher Katharine Weymouth. Former journalist Pelton Pelton co-owned Modern Media, a California-based conference organizer before joining the paper four months ago.

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