Industry Moves: Washington Post Events Exec Resigns After Misfire


Credit: AP Images

Charles Pelton, who was supposed to establish an events business for the Washington Post and wound up being at the center of a fuss over the way a “salon” series was marketed, has resigned. WaPo reports that Pelton told Post President Stephen P. Hills by letter: “Given the current circumstances with regard to the resources needed to launch [an events business] my family and I have decided not to relocate to Washington, D.C.,” from California.

The bad publicity over the “salons” — which were perceived as selling access to WaPo journalists — and the hit the events business took before it even got off the ground is a setback for WaPo Publisher Katharine Weymouth. Former journalist Pelton Pelton co-owned Modern Media, a California-based conference organizer before joining the paper four months ago.

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