YouTube Launches Insight Tools for Audience Understanding

YouTube announced this afternoon a trio of new tools for its YouTube Insight to help video uploaders get a better sense of how and where their audience is coming from. The new features are:

Discovery over time – combines two previous features to illustrate how viewers found your video over time in order to figure out how search, related video embeds or other YouTube features drive plays.

Mobile views — (fitting since I’m writing this from the GigaOM Mobilize 09 conference) YouTube says it gets “tens of millions” of plays every day from mobile devices, so Insight now shows you views of your videos that come from mobile phones or platforms that use their APIs.

Views from subscribers — allows you to dive deep into views from the home page subscriptions module, the subscriptions page and subscription emails that are sent to users. These particular stats are only through September 2009.

Earlier today, YouTube rolled out a new feature that recommends other YouTube users you may know.


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