Ning Annouces Ning Apps

ning_logoNing, the do-it-yourself social network, has taken a hint from Apple and Facebook by announcing the availability of Ning Apps. This is a big deal because now every Ning social network, whether they’re for personal groups or professional organizations, will be able to install many useful apps in no time at all.

There are approximately 90 Ning Apps already available in the directory. Everything will be managed by the Tab Manager, which will allow you to control the navigational structure of your Ning network as well as the layout of your shiny new Ning Apps.


These apps are also added to the My Apps area in the Profile View for your members. They can then organize the apps any way they want.

Here’s a peak at some of the Ning Apps (Napps?) available today:


It’s taken a while to get here but this is a smart move on Ning’s part. Facebook and Apple have clearly shown the value and popularity of proving easy access to ready-to-go apps for their platforms, so this news should inject a great deal of excitement throughout the Ning ecosystem.

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