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GigaOM’s Top 15 Mobile Influencers

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Jahangir Mohammed, CEO and Founder, Jasper Wireless

jahangir_mohammed Influence: If you’ve ever used a Kindle, then you’ve experienced M2M — the machine-to-machine Internet — as demonstrated by the hit device’s ability to wirelessly connect to Sprint’s data network in order to download everything from magazines to Harry Potter’s adventures. Some say that machines talking to machines without any human interaction could one day become the single biggest component of data usage on the modern mobile networks. Foreseeing such an opportunity, Jahangir Mohammed, CEO of 5-year-old Jasper Wireless, built a platform to manage and connect devices to cellular networks. Jasper’s technology has so far has been embedded in pretty unsexy gear, but the popularity of the Kindle has sparked an interest in connected consumer devices. For Jasper, this shift comes at an opportune time. The company recently signed up AT&T as a customer and a key partner. Other carriers aren’t too far behind in chasing the M2M bonanza, so don’t be surprised if Jasper snags a few more customers. An alumnus of AT&T Bell Labs and Nortel, Mohammed, also started Kineto Wireless, a company that marries Wi-Fi and cellular technologies.

27 Responses to “GigaOM’s Top 15 Mobile Influencers”

  1. Why would you need to wait to see if Maemo makes progress in order to include Nokia? They are still the leading smartphone manufacturer and certainly have a greater user base and ‘influence’ than Motorola could ever hope to gain with one ‘me too’ Android device on a network in the US.

    By making a device on a platform that’s already being worked on by nearly every other manufacturer hardly puts any Motorola executive up there as a thought leader. Putting Nokia aside, how come no mention of HTC, Samsung or LG, companies that are substantially more relevant in mobile? You mention the fact that Motorola has the support of the US mobile operators, that support hasn’t counted for much recently. Perhaps not Valley bias, but certainly US bias. What about someone from China Mobile, considering their half billion subscriber milestone?

    Interesting to see Motorola mentioned as one of the ‘giants’. I haven’t seen them referred to like that in a very long time.

    I didn’t mean this to be a rant against Motorola, because there are other head scratchers on this list. I just think it is a big fail that there is no mention of any people from the companies that control over 70 percent of the mobile market.

  2. sorry to say this and no offence but it’s pretty clear you guys aren’t knowledgeable at all with regards to the global mobile arena (the who’s who in the industry).

    Facebook? Seriously??

    You’ve spent way too much time in CA. Need to step ‘outside’ of America a bit guys. Just saying.

  3. So, Nokia has no influencers with Maemo, Symbian, Qt, Booklet 3G, Nokia Siemens Networks (LTE anybody?), Navteq, Ovi, Nokia Money, Comes with Music, Music, Mozilla development, Linux development, WebKit development, one of the biggest organisations in W3C, over million devices sold every day, etc. etc.

    Motorola guy with Android (and Snapdragon) devices coming in future is an influencer :D
    Oh, Motorola is announcing devices in your event. Sorry, that explains a lot (and not just case Motorola).

    And you have to be blind if you cannot see Nokia’s strategy, it has been so clear for at least 2 years. Ovi isn’t struggling, Nokia just does things Nokia way (read: slowly).

    • Bob

      That is not true. I we were doing this list three years ago, Jacobs would surely make it on the list. At present these are the people who are influencing the Mobile Internet.

      I think you should take a look at the list, there are three “valley” people on this list.

    • This is for the top mobile INFLUENCER. Not follower. Maemo is just nokia trying to catch up. OVI didn’t really have all that much impact anyway, and the OVI store was hardly the store that started it all. I think we all know what that was.
      And no this isn’t fan-boy-ism; I didn’t vote for Steve.

      • I think you mistake perception from reality. Maemo has been part of Nokia strategy for almost 5 years now. Nokia has all of the intellectual properties to excel in the future. The fufure is Linux for mobile devices, and Nokia’s influence in this space is undeniable for those in the know.

        Ovi is a big part of the picture, but Nokia’s OSes and devices will build that up over time. They don’t need to lead, just be a factor. But Nokia’s strategy IS clear to those capable of deciphering the data.

        How exactly is Nokia following? By leveraging Qt to control ALL mobile OSes regardless who makes it? By making the first LTE call handovers? By being the only vertical solution with a full service suite, massive device portfolio, and even entering the netbook market? Once Qt is pervasive across Symbian, Maemo, Windows 7, Linux/x11, Mac OSX, and Unix, developers will prefer the Nokia development environment, and all apps will flow FROM Nokia ecosystems.

        Don’t forget that while Apple gets credit for inventing the App Store, Nokia had a rudimentary one called “Download” before everyone else. And Nokia is getting into the social networking game, buying Plum, Plazes, etc. Don’t sleep on Nokia. Watch market share rise back above 60% in 18 months while Apple changes form factors and Android hits its limits.