GigaOM’s Top 15 Mobile Influencers

Jahangir Mohammed, CEO and Founder, Jasper Wireless

jahangir_mohammed Influence: If you’ve ever used a Kindle, then you’ve experienced M2M — the machine-to-machine Internet — as demonstrated by the hit device’s ability to wirelessly connect to Sprint’s data network in order to download everything from magazines to Harry Potter’s adventures. Some say that machines talking to machines without any human interaction could one day become the single biggest component of data usage on the modern mobile networks. Foreseeing such an opportunity, Jahangir Mohammed, CEO of 5-year-old Jasper Wireless, built a platform to manage and connect devices to cellular networks. Jasper’s technology has so far has been embedded in pretty unsexy gear, but the popularity of the Kindle has sparked an interest in connected consumer devices. For Jasper, this shift comes at an opportune time. The company recently signed up AT&T as a customer and a key partner. Other carriers aren’t too far behind in chasing the M2M bonanza, so don’t be surprised if Jasper snags a few more customers. An alumnus of AT&T Bell Labs and Nortel, Mohammed, also started Kineto Wireless, a company that marries Wi-Fi and cellular technologies.