GigaOM’s Top 15 Mobile Influencers

Steve Jobs, CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc.

steve-jobs-3g-iphone Influence: It’s hard to believe that the iPhone is only two years old. In the 27 months or so since Apple unveiled the device for the first time, it has irreversibly and irrevocably changed the world of mobile. Jobs and his troops took a device that was trapped inside a 12-button keypad, took it apart and made it almost human, with the ability to see, feel (touch) and hear. And while Jobs & Co. may not have sold the most phones, they have clearly revolutionized what was a predictable industry. Apple, under Jobs’ leadership, has jumpstarted the mobile app revolution, boosted the demand for wireless data and — most importantly — showed us that sometimes a phone is more than just a phone. Love him or hate him, when it comes to mobility, Jobs stands a notch higher than his peers.