GigaOM’s Top 15 Mobile Influencers

Scott Richardson, Strategic Adviser to Clearwire

ScottRichardson Influence: Richardson has been pushing WiMAX, another fourth-generation wireless standard, as a means to deliver mobile broadband since his days as the head of Intel’s mobile broadband business. There he helped shepherd the WiMAX standard through the certification process. His next gig, as chief strategy officer at Clearwire, was aimed at selling WiMAX as a viable mobile broadband technology to the technology and consumer device industry. Richardson has since left the company and acts as an outside adviser, and Clearwire is now rolling out WiMAX service in parts of the country, but Richardson’s biggest influence may have been in pushing carriers to roll out LTE faster than originally planned, and possibly for a lower price. As Clearwire begins its deployments, we’ll likely see WiMAX compete with wired access to the web rather than mobile broadband from cellular providers.