Mobilize: The Browser as the Unifier

Future of Mobile OS ChatThe biggest complaint coming from mobile developers is that there are just too many darn cell phone platforms and devices for which they need to create applications. Compared to the dozens of platforms in the cell phone world, developing applications for PCs is a breeze. But until the cell phone world gets a whole lot simpler, there’s an answer to all that confusion, says Jon von Tetzchner, co-Founder and CEO of Opera Software: the browser.

The browser can be a unifying force and eliminate the need to create so many native mobile applications, explained Tetzchner and session moderator Ryan Paul, editor of Ars Technica. In the same way that new applications for PCs are largely web-based, with versions created for the most dominant browsers, the mobile web could follow a similar scenario.

Of course, Opera makes browsers and so has good reason to talk up their benefit. But others, like Bob Morris, head of mobile marketing for ARM Holdings, are also saying the browser is king of the mobile web. Morris believes that the increasing number of services accessed through web sites like Facebook and Gmail are what chip vendors and device makers needs to pay attention to and that browsers will ultimately drive the consumer experience more than the operating system. Tetzchner’s gotta like the sound of that!


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