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Mobilize: Motorola Unveils Its First Android Phone, the Cliq

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Dr. Sanjay K. JhaMotorola (s mot) jumped into the Android (s goog) smartphone market at our Mobilize Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, unveiling its first Android phone — called the Cliq — that features a new skin for Android called MotoBlur. Co-CEO Motorola Dr. Sanjay Jha called Android a platform that would enable Motorola to innovate and solve problems that cell phone users have been facing. The Cliq will be available exclusively for T-Mobile customers later this year and T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Cole Brodman, who took the stage with Jha, called the Cliq, with its MotoBlur home screen, “the first phone with social skills.”

The Cliq has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, 3G and Wi-Fi connections, 5 MP camera, 24 frames-per-second video speed and a standard headphone jack. The phone will also feature an HTML browser via Google, a number of Google mobile services such as Google Maps, built-in GPS, as well as access to Google’s mobile application store.

While the Cliq is cool, the MotoBlur shows the true power of Android. It graphically integrates all user messaging accounts via email, text message or social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It also syncs photos and uses themed widgets as a way to enable the user to access different content. Jha, who called MotoBlur “a differentiator” for his company, said that Motorola would offer it on several other phones in 2010, including the ex-U.S. version of the Cliq, the Dext, that will be offered via Orange and Telefonica.

26 Responses to “Mobilize: Motorola Unveils Its First Android Phone, the Cliq”

  1. Here are my impressions about Motorola Cliq:
    Certainly superior because it is using google operating system , which is arguably the highlight of this phone. Well this phone is basically for people who are more into social involvement, it lets you update your status to various social networking sites at one go. All application at one place , rather then logging again and again to various sites .

  2. coolfx35

    Just picked up my Motorola Cliq about a week ago. I was trying to decide between MT3G or the CLIQ and I went with the motorolla product. I had an iPhone and shadow previously and figured it is time to abandon HTC even though I have never had their touch screen before. I like the CLIQ for 5MP, voicemail player (no need to dial voicemail to listen to messages), qwerty keyboard (spacious, solid, comfortable after week of use), great interface and believe it or not its weight (i like my phone to be slightly heavier because I like to feel it in my hand). Compared to the MT3G the things I mentioned are not common characteristics for them both. I also like it better than myTouch because it is expandable to 32GBs of storage vs 16GB max for the myTouch which is a huge deal for me because I store a lot of files and music on my devices Smiley. I also like the fact that when you slide it out, the top part in the back has a sexy Moto logo and is lined with some sort of brushed metal I guess…. or w/e that is, but all I know it is metal and adds quality to the phone. The only things I am not happy about is its screen. It is 3.1 and is slightly smaller compared to the MT3G. The newest Motorolla (DROID) for Verizon does come with a bigger screen and the new 2.0 OS.

    But because of all the other specs and parameters it makes CLIQ stand out more in my opinion, opinion based on device capabilities. As far as the OS of course I would like 2.0 or even 1.6 instead of 1.5 better. But I am certain the update will come sooner or later and willing to wait for it. This phone came out 3-4 weeks ago for god’s sake and people need to chillax with some negative comments and other forums online. It will be worth waiting for the update, and some hacks/mods even better, so developers take your time please but deliver quality to me. Find me at I share everything there.

  3. I saw the Cliq this morning but we just got a chance to really play around with Motorola’s Android-based, social-networking-focused smartphone, and we have to say, we’re pretty impressed, it looks sleek and some apps come with it already that i had to download for my G1. the MOTO BLUR seems convenient if you use myspace, facebook or twitter a lot. The MOTOBLUR works for e-mails as well as socialization, where i don’t have to open and close applications to get to e-mails then i see it as a plus over the G1. But what would make me run out and get this phone besides its sleek looks and 5 mp camera, is that if this phone is not buggy, and slow as the G1.