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Hands-on: Motorola's First Android Phone

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Motorola has followed through on its promise to enter the Android smartphone market, unveiling the Cliq, a small phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The company has added its own home screen magic, called MotoBlur, that graphically integrates all user messaging accounts. Messages received appear on the screen no matter how they were sent, whether via email, text message or social network.

We cornered a Motorola rep backstage at the Mobilize conference just before the phone was announced and shot a quick video of it in action. It invokes images of an iPhone, although one with a nice keyboard that slides out of the screen. The keyboard feels really good to use, and the performance of everything is very fast. The phone will be available later this year with T-Mobile in the U.S.

20 Responses to “Hands-on: Motorola's First Android Phone”

  1. Im from the Netherlands and still waiting for the launch of the Motorola Cliq. It will probably be available in a fourtnight. However the Dutch version will be white. But I think the Samsung will be the most appealing Android phone up till now (Amoled display, battery, etc).

    I’m a webdesigner and love internet and it’s possibilities. And Android/Google will make the future different. Hopefully it will be a better place, but surely it will be fun.

    Hope to receive my Galaxy soon. Then I will post my experiences on Also hope to learn a lot here of the Samsung and Android.

  2. James,
    More info please ,

    Keyboard ( on screen and hard)
    CPU Spec
    Is SD slot available
    Battery life
    construction quality
    Speed of operation

    and finally how does it compare with iPhone , Pre.

    • how do you turn on the phone radio on the motorola cliq. i just got the phone. i register to start a new account through motoblur and i can’t pass that error reading.