Daily Sprout

Toyota Details Plug-in Prius Range: Toyota says the Prius Plug-in Hybrid that it plans to unveil at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show will support an all-electric driving range of just over 12 miles at speeds of up to 62 MPH. For longer distances and higher speeds it will run in gasoline-electric mode. — Green Car Congress

Climate Policy Priorities: “Of the dozens of actions discussed in the bill, only a half dozen or so are likely to make a consequential difference.” Jeffrey Sachs argues that putting a price on carbon and ramping up nuclear power should get top priority. — Scientific American

Chasing Google: “The ongoing industry debate about energy efficiency reporting based on the Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) metric is about to get another jolt. Veteran data center specialist KC Mares reports that he has worked on three projects this year that used unconventional design decisions to achieve ‘ultra-low PUEs’…even lower than those publicly reported by Google.” — Data Center Knowledge

Good-bye Ford, Hello Oerlikon: “Plans to turn Ford Motor Co.’s mothballed plant into a rejuvenated green energy park could come to fruition under a package of bills approved by the state Senate this morning.” The project would refurbish the idle plant to make solar and battery equipment and establish Wixom as the North American headquarters for Oerlikon Solar. — The Detroit News, The Oakland Press

Canadian Cleantech Startups Rake It In: The government-backed nonprofit Sustainable Development Technology Canada announced this morning that it is contributing C$54 million ($49.9 million) to 18 cleantech projects out of its SD Tech Fund. Cleantech Group