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Capital Follies: “You Lie!” and Spanking Take Center Stage

Making fun of politicians is easy, and getting even easier in the age of YouTube (s GOOG). Two incidents this week highlight how the actions of public figures are no longer isolated incidents and are not just public, but global theater.

The big news this morning was the behavior of heretofore unknown South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson (R) during last night’s Presidential address on health care. Upon hearing President Obama say health care would not be extended to illegal immigrants, Wilson shouted “You lie!”

Politics of this boorish move aside, it’s easy to imagine that like “Don’t taze me, bro!” before it, “You lie” will become a catchphrase meme just ripe for mashups, and Wilson will be stopped on the street by passers-by who shout “Hey, it’s the ‘You lie!’ guy!” A keyboard cat ending can’t be too far off.

In a similarly classy move, California Assemblyman Michael Duvall (another Republican) is also making the viral video rounds for sexy comments (spanking!) he made while unwittingly speaking in front of a live microphone about alleged affairs. This Hot Talk Express has led to Duvall’s resignation, and an — err, probe — into a potential sex-for-votes scandal.

Foot-(or other body parts)-in-mouth syndrome for politicians is nothing new, but at this point — neither is YouTube. These guys deserve all the unwanted viral success they get.