Yahoo Gives E-Mail A Third-Party Boost — Again

After announcing last month that additional third-party apps were on the way for Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Mail, Yahoo has now introduced several of them. An ‘Attach Large Files’ app from lets users share files up to 100 MB and also comment on them. Another from pingg lets e-mailers search for invite designs. And a third from Evite lets people plan events from within their inboxes. The additions come as Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has said the company is “doubling down” on Yahoo Mail. In just the past four months, the company has announced a new less-cluttered interface, along with live video chat, for Yahoo Mail, the acquisition of social e-mail startup Xoopit, and the addition of outside apps from PayPal and Picnik.

Are the latest additions a game changer? Unlikely, considering that they will probably only be used by a small fraction of e-mailers. But they do provide features that rivals do not have (Google’s Gmail, for instance, limits users to attaching files up to 25 megabytes, while Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail has a 10 megabyte limit and AOL (NYSE: TWX) has a 16 megabyte limit. And none of the three includes easy add-ons for invites). More importantly, though, the steady stream of announcements lets Yahoo counter Google’s own constant roll out of new features for Gmail. While Yahoo Mail continues to grow in terms of unique visitors, Google