Federated Media Introduces OPA-Influenced Ad Formats; Promises More 'Social Ads'

Social media-focused ad net Federated Media is betting that larger ad formats and the ability to easily spread ads across Facebook and Twitter will help attract more ad dollars to its member sites. FM’s new premium ad product “Ad Stamp” was partially influenced by one of the new ad formats that is being promoted by the Online Publisher’s Association. Although FM is not a member of the OPA, which primarily represents large, traditional media companies, FM did consult with it on the use of the “Pushdown” ad that fills about half the screen at first, then rolls up to the top.

The move is part of FM’s attempt to broaden its appeal beyond tech advertisers and blogs and include verticals like home, food and entertainment as part of its stable of sites. At the start, however, the new formats will be rolled out across 10 of FM’s mostly tech-focused sites, including Mashable, BoingBoing, VentureBeat, Techdirt, BusinessInsider and others. A rep added that Ad Stamp is also available in its Home category, which includes Apartment Therapy, as well.

Separately, still no successor for CEO John Battelle. Back in May, the company