uberVU Web Conversation Tracker Is Overhauled

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A much-improved version is out of uberVU, a site that helps you track the flow of conversations on the web, whether they’re taking place on Twitter, Digg, Reddit, in the comments sections of blogs, or elsewhere. There are many tools available for searching specific social sites (including lots of them for Twitter), but uberVU is particularly useful for checking on what people are saying all over the social web. In this post, I’ll look at some of the improvements to the app, and what you can get done with it.

If you do any blogging, you may be familiar with going to various sites or search engines to keep track of what’s being said about a particular post you wrote. Or, if you’re following a particularly newsworthy development, you may do the same just to see what the social web’s reaction is to the news. uberVU aims to provide one-stop shopping for that type of task.

AltSearchEngines lists uberVU’s new features, including:

  • Search – You can now search for keywords and URLs instead of just adding URLs.
  • Faster tracking – You can track links on Twitter, Digg, Reddit and many more in close to real time.
  • Analytics – You can view graphs and summaries for a big picture of a web conversation.
  • Public – uberVU is now in public beta, with no invitation code required to register.

uberVU is definitely faster at gathering conversation threads from sites such as Twitter and Digg than it was before. Previously, if an event had just happened, and you went to search, you got very sparse reactions from a limited number of sites. That’s changed in the updated version.

The analytics are also useful, especially the graphics you can generate. While she isn’t a tech story, one of the big stories of this past Labor Day weekend was Melanie Oudin, the 17-year old tennis player who is competing at the U.S. Open. I searched on her name at uberVU, and discovered that there was actually a bigger spike in web conversations about her prior to the tournament than during it, as seen in late August, below:

You can also use uberVU’s analytics features to pull up distribution charts showing where conversations are taking place. Below is one for Melanie Oudin showing that Twitter is where most conversations are taking place:

If you haven’t tried uberVU before, give it a go. It can keep you from hopping between many search sites, and is greatly improved in its new version.

How do you track conversations that are happening across the web?

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Hi Samuel,

Thanks for the post. I saw uberVU show up in the trackbacks from a blog post that I did and I was really confused about what type of service this is. I did a search on addictomatic.com which lead me here. Thanks for clearing things up.

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