Tweetdeck Keeps Trying to Move Beyond Twitter

512x512TweetDeck is launching a series of new features today further aimed at shaking off its image as a Twitter-focused app, according to CEO and founder Iain Dodsworth, including integrating MySpace (s nws) into the eponymous desktop application. It began opening up the focus of its app beyond Twitter when it introduced integration with Facebook this spring; by allowing users to now crosspost across MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, TweetDeck takes one step closer to becoming a go-to tool for managing social networks.

TweetDeck has also expanded what people can do with their Facebook account. Whereas before users could only update their own status and view those of their Facebook friends within the app, now they can see friends’ photos, wall posts, comments and links, as well as comment, write wall posts and use the “Like” function themselves.

And while integrating MySpace into TweetDeck may raise some eyebrows in light of the degree to which the social network has been losing market share to Twitter and Facebook — Dodsworth himself admitted that MySpace is “a declining platform in terms of its user base” — it’s still valuable as far as TweetDeck, a small, eight-person startup, is concerned. And Tweetdeck is based in the UK, where as Dodsworth notes, MySpace remains very popular.

Accounts for T FB and MySTweetdeck is also launching a new directory feature, which Dodsworth believes will help those struggling to find the folks they want to follow. It’s a pretty clever tool, especially since the intuitiveness of Twitter’s UI has been criticized lately.

Dodsworth told us that a new version of TweetDeck’s iPhone application will be released in a few weeks and will finally include Facebook integration. It will also enable 3G S users to post videos to Facebook and Twitter.