BIOS Upgrade Might Get Toshiba Netbooks to Run Even Longer



I don’t have my Toshiba NB205 with me this week, but as soon as I get home, I’ll be upgrading the BIOS of my netbook from v1.2 to v1.5. Hector Gomez just pinged me with news that the update is available directly from Toshiba. From reading the long laundry list of fixes and modifications, I suspect it should help add battery life in some small way. That’s good, as some might be concerned about battery performance on the NB205 when running Windows 7 (s msft). Some of the changes include:

  • Fixed: When the Sleep&Charge mode is changed from mode 4 to disable, the Sleep&Charge Utility will show Enabled and Mode1.
  • Modified: Force the Bluetooth (BT) power on when running Linux.
  • Disabled the unused slots clock to save battery power.
  • Added new WLAN support.
  • Added the computrace function to support a European SKU.
  • Fixed: System cannot wake on LAN continuously after waking from S3 in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: Fn+1 and Fn+2 functions are reversed in Windows Vista.
  • Modified: Touch Pad on/off method for hotkeys to prevent a conflict with the ALPS touchpad (TP) driver when a USB mouse is plugged in/out, the TP function is disabled/enabled.
  • Modified: WOL is always enabled in S3 and S4 modes in Linux.
  • Modified: Brightness table.
  • Modified: Fan control setting.
  • Disabled: LAN power on in DC mode for Linux.
  • Modified: When System shuts down the 3G device Status is stored in EEPROM.
  • Modified: HDP function (resume from S3).
  • Added: Win+P key for Windows 7.

The update clocks in around 5MB, so there’s a bunch more in there that should make a good netbook even better. Hector and other NB205 owners might get to install it before I do, so stay tuned for any comments and updates.


Anonymous Coward

My NB205 gives me BIOS beeps when the battery is under ten percent. No amount of changing the Control Panel/Power or Toshiba Power settings affects it.

It… is… annoying…

Does anyone know if this BIOS update fixes that or gives us the ability to disable it?


Caution to SD card users. After BIOS update I lost the ability to boot from the SD card and Linux no longer sees it when installing. (I have to use the HD) Grrrr….. I hope they address this as with no CD the boot-able SD card was a life saver.


I finally got the time to install the new BIOS update and it seems that the fan runs a little faster then before. Also seems that the battery life lasted a little bit longer, just need to test later. I think Toshiba might be getting ready to release some more Windows 7 drivers, so they released this BIOS update.


I did figure out how to make the power light not so blinding. If you take the battery out there are 3 silver screws in there. Take them out and the silver trim pops off. Then you can see the actual power button. If you cut a small piece of electrical tape or similar material you can put it on the underside of the switch. Just be sure it is small enough not to interfere with the switch itself. Put it back together and enjoy.


Mine still gets very hot. I don’t really notice a huge difference, seems the fan cycles on and off more than it used to, but I don’t really notice much for sure.


Can anyone report after flashing the new BIOS whether the fix to the fan control setting makes the NB205 run any cooler?


Just updated mine running windows 7. I did the cdrom option of the bios update. Everything seems to be working just like before.


Have to use an old BIOS revision to even get ACPI install to work on my EEE 1101HA. Havent noticed any battery loss in Windows 7 though, the 8 hours reviews say is about correct

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