iTunes 9: LPs, Home Sharing, Redesign and More



Today Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the media event and announced iTunes 9. It’s packed full of new features including a major overhaul of the iTunes Store. Read on for details on all the updates.

iTunes LP

One of the downsides of digital music has been the lack of interactivity that you once got from handling album packaging. Apple has brought their own version of this back and its calling it iTunes LP.


iTunes LP is a way to interactive with new content including videos, photos, lyrics, discography, liner notes and more. Many of the LPs were created by the artists themselves.

Home Sharing

Home Sharing makes home networking work for you in that you can now share music, shows, and movies with up to five other authorized computers on you network. Secretly digging that new Britney Spears album your sister bought? Just grab it from her iTunes library and move it to yours. And then promptly punch yourself in the face for every digging Britney Spears.

iTunes Store Redesign

The iTunes store has been needing a facelift for quite a while. And a facelift it most certainly received!

Everything from the home page to artist pages, album pages, TV shows, and movie pages all received a major redesign.

In addition to the redesign is a new feature (one that I’ve wanted since the store debuted) called Wish List…and it’s exactly what you think it is. You can now add albums, songs, movies, shows to your Wish List to check out later and possibly purchase.

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Genius Mixes

The iTunes Genius got a bit of an upgrade with a new featured called “Genius Mixes.” Genius Mixes automatically creates up to a dozen mixes of songs that it thinks would go great together.

App Organization

A much requested feature has been the ability to organize apps right in iTunes instead of fumbling through a half dozen screens trying to move tiny icons around with your finger. Now you can do just that.


Overall this is a much needed, and much welcomed update to iTunes and the iTunes Store. What are your favorite updates so far?

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