iPod Price Drop Ahead of Apple Event


Hours before the “Only Rock and Roll” event takes place in San Francisco, the Apple Store (s aapl) has slashed prices on some the current iPod models.


The new numbers are still in the process of being posted, with parts of the Apple Store referencing old prices, but the savings are real and substantial.

The 8GB iPod touch now costs $189, a $40 discount, while the 16GB model is now $249, a $50 reduction. However, big savings are to be had for the 32GB model, now $279, a whopping $120 price cut. Other iPods saw cuts, too. The 8GB iPod nano has dropped to $129, down from $149, and the 16GB model is now $149, previously $199. The iPod Classic, rumored to be phased out today, is now $229, down from $249. The price of the iPod shuffle remains unchanged.

While it’s debatable whether the new pricing will extend to the iPods expected to be unveiled today, the new prices on old models of the iPod touch may impact consumers considering Microsoft’s (s msft) Zune HD. The 16GB Zune HD, to be released on Sept. 15, will retail for $219.99, while the 32GB model will cost $289.99. This means Apple has effectively undercut the Zune HD, at least on the high-end. It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft will lower prices again, or give up the pricing talking point, which wouldn’t really leave much to talk about regarding the Zune HD.

However, there will be a lot to talk about today, starting at 10 a.m. PDT, and TheAppleBlog will be covering it live.



If you own a Mac, there’s no comparison. “the whole widget” functionality of the touch is unmatched.

David B

I guess Microsoft people get up earlier than we do.

I just had to comment because I love what you’ve done with that photo.

Charles Jade

Regardless of personal preference, until this morning Microsoft had a solid argument against the iPod touch based upon price. Not so much now.


I just want a new, possibly cheaper Classic, or a high capacity nano. My guess, though, is that a new nano will only increase to 32GB, and that’s just not enough. I need an iPod to supplement my iPhone as a source for my car stereo, and 32GB just won’t hold all of my music.


Uh, Zune HD = pretty damn good. I will be getting one over a second gen ipod touch. And who wants to pay for an ipod touch with a camera and mic when they can just get an iphone?

Josh Pigford

You’re certainly free to like a Zune over an iPod…but to suggest that an iPod touch with a camera and mic is the same as an iPhone, from a cost perspective, is just plain silly.

Maybe you forgot that an iPhone costs, at minimum, $1500 over the course of the two-year contract you sign up for?


Zune is not better. They are not even in the same class. Zune is the top kid in the remedial special ed class.


I’m sorry, but a $10 difference isn’t going to sway me to pick up an iPod. The Zune is far better, and has been since it’s release. I’ll part with $10 to get a far better product.


The is no empirical evidence to show that one is superior to the other. It is a matter of preference, much like anything that requires the input of opinion.

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