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Automakers Eye Fuel Cells for 2015: Auto companies Daimler (s DAI), Ford (s F), General Motors (s GM), Honda (s HMC), Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Nissan and Toyota have issued a joint letter of understanding today saying they anticipate a “few hundred thousand units” of fuel cell electric vehicles will be commercialized. — Green Car Congress

Pentagon’s Latest Pond Scum Play: Solazyme: Algae fuel developer Solazyme has announced an $8.5 million deal with the Defense Department for testing 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel derived from algae. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital, Press Release

What’s Next for Van Jones?: The Center for American Progress has offered office space to Van Jones, demonstrating that Jones, despite having resigned from his post as special adviser on green jobs for the White House, “remains very welcome” in the Democratic party. — Politico

Sizing Up Obama’s Green Record: The Obama administration’s main environmental effort so far has been to “undo several Bush-era policies on climate control, air pollution and the regulation of roadless forests.” Key questions about how the White House will balance environmentalism and the economy remain unanswered. — Washington Post

Breaking Point: A new survey from IBM called “The Commuter’s Challenge” confirms that the $4 – $5 range for gas really is the breaking point for a large number of Americans to change their driving behavior. The Infrastructurist via >Business Insider’s Green Sheet

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