AT&T Offers Unlimited Calls to Your Personal A-List



I’m not fond of “A-Lists,” but I’ll happily make an exception for this one. Today, AT&T (s t) announced unlimited calls to numbers on your personal A-List, much like T-Mobile has done for some time with its “My Faves” program. AT&T is starting up the A-List on Sept. 20 at There you can select up to five domestic phone numbers for your list — mobile or landline — and call them without using any of your plan minutes.

I really could have used this plan earlier this morning. After waking up at 4:30 a.m. on the West Coast, I called Barb at home on the East Coast and chatted for around a half hour. I used my Pre (s palm) on Sprint (s) because I have unlimited minutes with that plan. But Barb uses an iPhone 3GS (s aapl) with AT&T, so we ate up 30 minutes from our shared family plan. Aside from adding my Sprint number to her A-List, I fully expect we’ll add my Google Voice (s goog) number as well. That way, I can be reached on any phone I’m carrying, and it still won’t use our monthly minutes.

To qualify for the A-List, AT&T says you’ll need an individual Nation plan of $59.99 a month or more. Also qualifying are Family Plans of $89.99 or more per month — those folks get to add 10 shared A-List numbers among the family phones.



You don’t need to call them Gary, you just need to be able to read. The article clearly states September 20th for the start date of this feature.


I can’t seem to find where you do this. If I go to that URL, it then logs me in and takes me to my main account screen. I dont see an option for the A-List. I hope i’m just looking in the wrong area, and that I do in fact qualify. We’re on a Familytalk 1400 (both wife & I are on iPhones) at $89.99 (plus data + unlimited text/MMS (ha!))…but we also get a FAN corporate discount on the voice portion (not the data). Wonder if we are still eligible. I guess I need to call them… (sigh)


yes this is nice. I use version and added all work numbers, and family landline numbers.


Its a shame this wont work with the 39 dollar plans, which is maybe just enough minutes for me, while the 59 dollar plans are overkill.

Rick Huizinga

Your AT&T plan for your iPhone 3GS includes unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes. You could have used up zero minutes if you both used your iPhones.

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