Apple Refreshes Prices On Entire iPod Line


ipod_lineup_09At the Apple Event today, Steve Jobs and company unveiled the fall lineup of iPods. The biggest change was the iPod nano, but every iPod got a little bit of love, be it increased capacity or decreased price.

iPod touch: The new “magic price point” of $199 has 8GB, with two upsell models at 32GB and 64GB for $299 and $399, respectively. The 16GB model disappears and the rumored camera never appeared, but according to Apple this is still the “funnest” iPod ever.

iPod nano: Two models, 8GB at $149 and 16GB at $179. Both models have new features, including: camera, FM radio, and pedometer. All are available in seven shiny, metallic colors: silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, and pink. There are also the Apple Store exclusives, Product RED, and a yellow/gold.

iPod shuffle: Two primary models, a new 2GB at $59, and a 4GB at $79. There are five colors: silver, black, blue, green, and pink. There is also a 4GB stainless steel model for $99. The tiny music player with the creepy voice—in my opinion—now works with more headphones, too.

iPod Classic: 160GB, $249, two colors, a grayish white and black. The classic got a capacity increase and kept its price. Apparently the rumored demise of the media player with the mechanical hard drive appears to have been greatly exaggerated, unless we’re talking about the Zune.

Clearly, the iPod nano will be the gift to give and/or receive this Christmas, but once again Apple has managed to successfully refresh the media player lineup. Expect the company to sell between 20 and 25 million iPods for the holiday quarter, same as the previous three years.


Matt Sigrist

Cant belive Apple put a camera on an ipod nano no wonder anyone else thought of putting a camera on a small music player but not putting a camera on the ipod touch its unbelivable and stupid im not suprised the zune HD is going to be better than the ipod touch if apple would acctually listen to everyone they would get somewhere even if they just added the camera the ipod touch the zune HD would say good bye before even reaching the shevles. Dont forget the customer is ALLWAYS right!

Aaron Sims

The lack of a camera in the iPod Touch is disappointing but not surprising. Adding a mic and camera to the Touch would likely lead to it cannibalizing iPhone sales. Furthermore, it would likely annoy the mobile mafia as people would undoubtedly consider Skype + Touch over an iPhone + an expensive mobile package.

Apple doesn’t give us what we want. Instead, Apple provides us with the options that profits them the most. Business is business. Hopefully, the Zune HD will provide Apple with incentive to start innovating (and delivering) again.


i have to dissagree… I want an iphone all ready but its the contract with at&t that stops me. I REALLY wanted a camera on the touch but the lack thereof doesnt influence me to get an iphone anymore than i all ready wanted to. Maybe im different in that respect, but I dont think so.

James Dempsey

How they could put a camera in the Nano and not the Touch is beyond me… Obviously it’s a “technical issue” that they’ll eventually work through, but they probably just lost quite a few sales of the more profitable Touch to the Nano simply because it has a camera – and I’m one of those lost sales.

The new prices/hard drive sizes are nice, don’t get me wrong. But the lack of a camera in the Touch is mind-boggling. And no still pics in the Nano? Huh? What the heck was the reasoning behind that?

Adam Jackson

I really wanted a 250GB iPod Classic. Even if it’s the last one, it’s something I really want.

i have about 300 gbs of media and want to carry it with me everywhere.


can you believe the camera does not do stills – how stupid to cripple it like that – so much for giving to my wife for christmas

and a usb charger with no wall socket plug included – good god!

Rob Oakes

Really too bad, actually. The whole event was really meh. AppleTV updates and Beatles would have made it very interesting. I was happy to see Steve Jobs back, but thought he didn’t look very good (he’s skinny even for a transplant recipient and his color seemed off).


Steve is starting to look a lot like Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”


So much for those “reliable sources” saying AppleTV updates, Apple branded TV, Beatles on iTunes store and an iTouch.

Josh Pigford

This was never about television or touch screen computers…it was 100% a music event. No one ever had any reason to think otherwise from Apple’s media invites.

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