Apple Refreshes Prices On Entire iPod Line

ipod_lineup_09At the Apple Event today, Steve Jobs and company unveiled the fall lineup of iPods. The biggest change was the iPod nano, but every iPod got a little bit of love, be it increased capacity or decreased price.

iPod touch: The new “magic price point” of $199 has 8GB, with two upsell models at 32GB and 64GB for $299 and $399, respectively. The 16GB model disappears and the rumored camera never appeared, but according to Apple this is still the “funnest” iPod ever.

iPod nano: Two models, 8GB at $149 and 16GB at $179. Both models have new features, including: camera, FM radio, and pedometer. All are available in seven shiny, metallic colors: silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, and pink. There are also the Apple Store exclusives, Product RED, and a yellow/gold.

iPod shuffle: Two primary models, a new 2GB at $59, and a 4GB at $79. There are five colors: silver, black, blue, green, and pink. There is also a 4GB stainless steel model for $99. The tiny music player with the creepy voice—in my opinion—now works with more headphones, too.

iPod Classic: 160GB, $249, two colors, a grayish white and black. The classic got a capacity increase and kept its price. Apparently the rumored demise of the media player with the mechanical hard drive appears to have been greatly exaggerated, unless we’re talking about the Zune.

Clearly, the iPod nano will be the gift to give and/or receive this Christmas, but once again Apple has managed to successfully refresh the media player lineup. Expect the company to sell between 20 and 25 million iPods for the holiday quarter, same as the previous three years.


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