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iTunes 9 To Highlight Top-Earning App Developers

One feature tucked into the new iTunes 9 upgrade that *Apple* didn’t hype: a new chart highlighting the App Store apps that are making the most money. Mobile Entertainment spotted the chart during an exclusive demo of the new software.

The Top Grossing apps will now be listed alongside the Top Paid and Top Free apps; this may be to appease big game developers and publishers like EA, that have been concerned about the fact that their more expensive (and likely better-developed) apps haven’t been getting the same exposure that some of the cheaper (and thus more popular) apps have.

App Store users and developers alike have pressed Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) to make it easier to sift through the thousands of free- and paid programs that have flooded the market since the company launched the store last year. (It should also make it easier for speculators to get a read on which developers are actually bringing in significant revenue from the App Store).